szpak made us proud…

it was… omg… already 6 years ago. how time flies… i was young, not as handsome and sexy as now though 😉 hi hi… (joke… if somebody didn’t get it ;P ) and i was fulfilling one of my biggest dreams. i was standing on that stage, knew that over 120 mln people watch my performance, i felt satisfied, but mostly terrified and weirdly disappointed. probably when you read it, you all think ‚why was he disappointed?‘. oh well… my dream came true, indeed, and most of the people would feel like in heaven… not me, i felt like there is something sad about all of this, it wasn’t anymore just a dream… it’s like there is something you’d always wanted to happen, but you feel like it’s happened to fast and you were not even ready. it wasn’t really my time. i also knew that it will be hard to beat that dream with something else, cause is there anything bigger than eurovision song contest? the biggest tv show in the world next to some sports events (i don’t really count, as i was never a football or socker fan myself).

‚eurovision, full of glitter’, ‘cheap and crappy songs’, ‘nobody even gives a shit about it’, ‘worst show on earth’, ‘everybody is watching it only to laugh’, ‘show your ass and you win it‘… isn’t it what we got fed with? but how is it possible, that nobody likes it, but everybody is watching it… poland lost faith in eurovision once the semi final system was brought in, cause we felt like, we have no neighbours to vote for us, we have to fight to be in the finals next to some countries already being a part of finals…fair? not fair? well… it’s all about money. and surely, year after year we were more and more disappointed with the whole contest. nobody wanted to represent the country… we were trying everything to get the attention of europe and repeat our success from 1994, but nothing was working. same time polish tv started treating the contest like an unpleasant must, pushing away all the artists with giving absolutely no support to those who won the national finals. and then it was me in 2010, a person who decided to stop this whole nonsense, someone who said ‘enough’ of treating this contest like a festival of kitsch.

yes, we didn’t make it to the finals, even polish eurovision fans who ‚loved‘ me before, same who fight for my song to get a wild card, exactly the same ones who voted for ‚legenda‘, apparently started hating me after the contest. all eurovision artists were coming back after the contest trying to forget the whole thing like it was the worst nightmare of their lives. i understood them a bit, as that much hate you hear about yourself as you didn’t pass to the finals was unpleasant, but i decided not to be one of them and fight for the future of my favourite contest… i wanted to open people‘s eyes what the real problem was. i was young and stupid, wasn’t thinking that this might block my whole future career and I shouldn’t be saying anything. but i did… i openly stood against polish broadcaster and said‚ ‘you didn’t help us at all, you let us fail.‘ polish tv one more time decided to organize the national selection in 2011 still trying to make no changes and pretend everything was ok. we ended last in the semi final. sad, but after that there was nothing better than to withdrew…

but happily, after 2 years somebody woke up, realised that we are missing such a great event, that we need changes, need to provide new system of choosing the entry… they started supporting the singers in the contest. eurovision was changing quickly bringing it back to the best times and creating hits – winning songs being played in the radios worldwide, such as Loreen’s ‘euphoria’. and people started thinking about it positively again. i was already forgotten. banned by polish tv broadcaster for my open fights over press. but i was happy that something is changing and we start believing again in the biggest music contest in the world, i was happy that we want to join the whole fun back again and we seriously start fighting for the first polish victory.

my eurovision experience was absolutely fabulous! i had so much fun during this 2 weeks in oslo, i’ll never forget. i wouldn’t exchange it for any other memories. this contest made me get to know so many amazing and friendly people from all around the globe, i became a member of a family, big eurovision family.

i was watching the show this year and couldn’t believe how amazing it was. sweden know how to make it really fab. i am so happy for jamala as she was my absolute nr 1 this year, not only because i know her, but it was the only song and performance giving me chills that night. i am so happy for michal szpak, who was representing my country this year! 8th place in the whole contest means a lot to all poles, szpak made us very proud. I don’t understand anyone screaming against jury votes, as of course they help some countries to achieve more, other countries lose points, but that’s why we have professional jury from 42 countries, to give their opinion about songs and make it more fair. you say their votes are full of politics, but what australia (jury votes winner) have anything to do with politics?! i am glad it brings so many emotions, and we talk about the contest again. michal will be always a part of our big family, he is now one of us! and if you ask me… yes, i will be back, i am ready now!