welcome to martinfitch.com!

it took me quite a while to create my website. always too many projects i was involved in, too much things to do and even more excuses. for a long time i wasn’t sure how i want this page to look like and what i would like to share… so, to make you understand me better, lets start from the beginning…

since i remember, i’ve always dreamt about performing on the stage. i copied homework at the shool from my collegues on the lap, cause that wasn’t my priority or, lets say, i was „too busy” for such a thing. another festival, concert, declamatory competitions… simply, i had no time to waste for school. don’t really remember too much from my childhood, but my home was always full of music. i still remember lyrics to lullabies sung by my mum and my father’s accordeon… it’s still somewhere in the seller covered by tons of dust i guess. later on i started mocking all my teachers and proudly informed my parents: ‘i will become and actor’. i was around 10 years old, but was so sure about my decission that i didn’t even wait for any aproval. i guess nobody took it serious that day… maybe my sister, cause she started taking me for some festivals with her and we were singing as a duet. btw. most of those festivals we were coming with prizes from cause everybody loved ‘this sweet little brother singing with his older sister… adorable’. still don’t know how, but i managed to finish secondary school bringing my parents so much stress and with very low graded general certificat of education in my hand ,i went for exams to best drama school in poland – my dream – zelwerowicz state theatre academy. nobody there was interested in my grades, not even giving a shit if i know the cellular structure (still have no idea about it…). i felt like i found the right place and it is my heaven, full of people with passion, like me. after second year i stared working at the roma musical theatre… raoul in ‘the phantom of the opera’, marius in ‘les miserables’, sean in ‘boyband’, clopin in ‘notre dame l’historie’ and many more… i was playing in popular polish tv series, hosting my own shows on cartoon network, recording some radio dramas, voice overs… finally i represented poland on eurovision song contest in 2010. i felt like i had won a lottery, but same time i realised there is something missing… and i’ve decided to change my life complitely.

i quit the theatre, got depressed, cause i knew i want to change my life, but had no clue how and what actually i would like to do. one day i woke up, bought one way ticket and moved to the most wonderful place on earth… london.

i was born anew… this city gave me a chance to see myself from a different angle. i understood what i want from my life, who i really am. i discovered my music, started writting songs about love, passion, about misfortune and how i see the entire world i am surrounded by. i met some amazing producers who used to work with ed sheeran, sonique, janet devlin and now they are working with me.

i realised it’s my time to share my music, to tell how i feel. finally i understood that i was born not to be on the stage playing some roles, but i was born to be myself.